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Save the New Orleans Musicians' Clinic

Gosh knows healthcare in the States ain't what it oughta be - and that's even more true in places like New Orleans, where the social infrastructure wasn't great even before Katrina.

Government funding's been cut for the Musicians' Clinic in New Orleans, and it needs help to keep on helping musicians survive.

New Orleans music has been great since the city itself got started - it's like nothing else you've ever heard or seen, and it's worked so far into the city's fabric it's indivisible from it. Music is a lot of people's lives there, and they make it great by making it all the time - working from gig to gig, teaching, jamming ...

But working like that means most of them don't have steady jobs, and most don't have health insurance. The clinic was a way to give them care and stability so they can make music and pass it on to the younger generations.

Check out the video, spread the word, and give if you can. And most importantly: Listen to the music ...

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