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Professor Stephen Chan- African and Chinese Relations, A Future View - Suchen Windsor Conference

From the Suchen Conference, 21.6.2010, London

As a practicing academic Stephen is committed to the principle of praxis, whereby the scholar engages with society as much as with books, whereby academic institutions are built as specialist aspects of civil society, and whereby academic freedom is no more than a specialist derivative of freedom of speech.
Stephen has for three decades been both a champion of Africa and of the view that the Western world must take seriously the intellectual and scholarly traditions, methodologies of thought and political expressions of the world now emerging to resist and challenge the West.
Stephen has led an international cosmopolitan life. The firstborn son of Chinese refugees to New Zealand, he was a national student president, publisher, newspaper editor, and international civil servant before he became an academic, firstly in Africa, and later in Britain.
Stephen has also wont the ISA Eminent Scholar prize, and has just published his most recent book; 'The End of Certainty'.

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