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In the last few weeks the UK Government has announced that it has given the green light for 10 more nuclear stations to be built to help cover energy supply over the next 30 to 50 years and help lower its CO2 emissions. Or so they say.

Well done team, you have once again shown impeccable leadership where denial of the realities is concerned.

Firstly, the building nuclear power stations doesn't lower CO2 emissions because if one looks at the the amount of CO2 emissions incurred in building the damn things (millions of tons of concrete) then any benefit of there being less CO2 emissions when they are operating is completely offset. In fact, building them now front loads the CO2 emissions and compounds the problem!

Secondly, there is the samll problem of finding the Uranium needed to use in these power stations. Uranium is already far scarcer than oil, so if another 10 stations are built then that brings a whole new dimension to the meaning of built in obsolesence! Chances are therefore, that some of these nuclear power stations may be redundant before they are even finished due to there being no Uranium left!

Also, the amount of CO2 emissions caused in finding what little Uranium is left is massive. But surprise, surprise this isn't mentioned in dispatches by the pro nuclear lobby either of course. And with Uranium becoming rarer the costs of running these power stations will escalate through the roof as countries compete for its supply.

Thirdly, just where is all this extra nuclear waste with a half life of 200,00 tears going to be stored? The UK already has enough nuclear waste with nowehere to put it that would fill 5 Albert Halls. The pro nuclear lobby says it can be stored underground in concrete chambers, but hey guys that's more CO2 emissions in making the concrete isn't it?

So what can be done to get round this problem?

Well, I am pleased to announce that the green light to build another 40 Albert Halls has been granted and construction on them will be begun just as soon as the selection process of finding 40 Alberts to name them after has been completed.

Therefore, if your name is Albert please get in touch as we'd love to hear from you if you would like to have a nuclear waste facility named after you!
And if you would like to build it in your own back garden then that would be even better still!

Tony Kearney

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