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Hey everyone! Read this recent press release from Friends of the Earth Belfast. They made quite the creative scene showing even monsters need a healthy planet to live on. If we don't make some serious changes, FAST, it won't just be witches screaming, 'I'm meeeeelting!!'

Do your part too, no matter what part of the world you live in, sign Friends of the Earth's INTERNATIONAL PETITION to encourage our world representatives to follow through on their word. Use your voice. Hold our leaders accountable! Visit:


Contact: Andrew McMurray 07909900883,

Friends of the Earth Belfast donned vampire fangs, witches
capes and other ghoulish dress when they "trick or treated" Alasdair
McDonnell MP to demand strong action on climate change today the 26th October.

The Halloween visit is part of Friends of the Earth's Demand Climate
Change campaign for a strong and fair agreement to tackle global
warming at UN talks this December. The campaign is calling on
Ministers to stop promoting carbon offsetting - a con which
substitutes ineffective action abroad for real action at home to cut
greenhouse gas emissions and create new green jobs and industries.

Friends of the Earth is asking everyone in Belfast to sign its
international petition to world leaders at

Friends of the Earth Belfast local group member Andrew McMurray, said:

"The threat of runaway global warming is much more than a Halloween
nightmare - so it's vital that world leaders reach a strong and fair
agreement at UN climate change talks in Copenhagen this December.

"Alasdair can play his part by demanding the Government ditch carbon
offsetting, the greatest con trick in history, and instead work to
secure an agreement which protects the world's poorest and brings
about real cuts in greenhouse gas emissions."

Alasdair McDonnell, MP for South Belfast, said:

"Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing us, our
children and our children's children. It is a global problem and
requires global agreement and action. I would urge everyone to go on
line and sign Friends of the Earth's petition to world leaders
demanding international agreement on climate chance. But locally we
must all do our bit to combat climate change. We must all, as
individuals and in our family life, take steps to reduce our carbon

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