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Hello fellow 7Genners. I wanted to let you know about a little charity challenge I have been involving myself in the past few days. It is called BiG. Which stands for Believe in Green. Here's the website where you can watch a wee intro video that might motivate you to get involved (if I don't first!) and then watch this too, I promise it will inspire you to participate.

So the intention behind BiG stems from concern for the health of our bodies and the heath of the planet (I think we are all pretty into that). And it all coresponds with something called International Green Smoothie Day (say what?), which was Sun 15 August (ain't there a hallmark moment for just about everything these days?). Buuuut this is pretty cool, have you heard of a Green Smoothie? Genius really, you basically blend up loads of green goodness (think spinach, kale, dandys, lettuce, chard, wheatgrasss, whatever...) into your typical tasty fruit smoothie. This is no 'green wash' it's a delicious and FUN, way to get more greens into your life. Just fruit (or juice), greens, water, ice is all you need (you can even add coconut milk or vanilla etc. to get the creative juices pun intended). You'll be thinking greener, acting greening, living greener. You will not turn into the HULK, promise.

So what's the BiG Idea? Why am I talking about this? Because one, I think it's brilliant. And two, I'd love for you to participate with me. Here's the gist:

  • 10 days of green smoothies
  • 10 inspiring interviews with BiG thinkers
  • 10 dollars to participate
  • 100% of the registration fee goes to support the Lower East Side Girls Club’s and their health and nutrition program. Please please watch this video to learn more

With the Believe in Green Challenge is it like with many processes of transition. Small steps, small changes. You cannot expect to become off the grid, 100% local/organic/homegrown, zero carbon footprint human in one day...or even 10 days. That's why the challenge (via the medium of a green smoothie) is about trying to get you to challenge your thinking, try something new. Spinach in my smoothie? (ick, gag reflex). No no no, this tastes rockin, it's a straight hit of sunshine to the veins! Perception shift. ...Sure I'll try to make one a day, and sure I'll listen to these inspiring people who are making their own efforts towards green living. 10 dolla?

Friends, don't be trippin by the bling, don't get all economic crisis on me. You get all this goodness and you aren't even paying for it! It's about a bigger purpose. Those 10 dollars (which is relatively so little, especially for you sterling folk) goes entirely to empower a group of young girls make a difference in their community. It's your gift to make. And if enough of us make it, then those girls will have $10,000 to help change the world. Right now, BiG is at $6000 raised, which means if just 200 more people sign up then we will have reached the goal. There are well over 200 of us as members of the 7th Generation Project. We can be the tipping point.

I really feel passionate about this. It's all interrelated, it's all interdependant. Giving to the Lower East Side Girls Club to educate their peers (no matter if you live there or not), drinking a green smoothie (or teaching a child to actually like GREENS via their green smoothie), educating yourself, biking more, building community with a small dinner (greening your community)...on and on, these are all part of the path of sustainability - for our personal lives, for our planet, for our future. Ask Zand to talk to you more about this, but when we nurture our personal POWER with our wider sense of LOVE, it's GENERATIVE. These seemingly small actions ripple out and voila a more beautiful world!

Even though it's started, it's not too late. JOIN ME! Believe in Green.

...And then tell your friends, because if we all cast a net, the catch will be BiG! =)

Missing you in Belfast. Hope all is carrying on well.

Much love, good love, green love,


p.s. If you fancy, post a pic on the website. I'd love to see you and your green creation.

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