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I am a member of the UK Youth Climate Coalition (UKYCC). This December, UKYCC are sending a team of 23 delegates to the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, as the UK Youth Delegation. Myself and another member of the delegation, Adam Tyler, are creating a series of short documentary films about this Delegation, to be distributed to young people on the internet before, during and after the Copenhagen Conference.

The first film, entitled UKYCC Prologue - Emma, is now ready to be distributed.

For young people, the decisions made in Copenhagen will be life-changing. Governments and diplomats will determine what kind of world they will inherit - clean or polluted; just or unjust; secure or dangerously unstable. The UK Youth Delegation will strive to bring the youth voice to negotiations, and perhaps their greatest asset is the inspiration they can provide to the legions of young people back in the UK.

We hope the UKYCC Films will bring their inspiring stories directly to young people who need to hear them. But this is an entirely voluntary/no-budget project, so we are depending on the support of organisations and individuals like yourselves to help us promote it to those young people.

To view the first film, please visit the following link . If you would be happy to add a link to, or embed the film on, your website, this is the link to use. Alternatively, you could add a link to your facebook, twitter and/or bebo to spread the word!

Please visit for more information on the delegation.

Any help is greatly appreciated,

Thanking you,

Sarah Irwin

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Comment by Tony Kearney on November 20, 2009 at 11:10
Hi Sarah

Really enjoyed the film and the positive note within it. Well done and best of luck for the trip to Copenhagen. I am going there for a few days myself so maybe see you there! :) I'm there from 10th - 14th Dec. only and will be doing an event just over the bridge in Sweden (about 20 minutes away apparently) as I can't find anywhere in Copenhagen itself to do the event itself due to security!!

I feel it is soooooo important to make a mark and somehow send out a signal that the answer isn't where the question is where these people are looking.

I don't know if you came to the event I did in Belfast recently well what I will be doing in Malmo is similar only bigger!

So if you want to and can make it why not take the short trip trip over the bridge and bring all your mates!

Otherwise, all strength, hope, light and success to you and the rest of the delegation.

Take care


PS details for the event in Sweden are as follows and I'll also post full details on the events page.

Who Owns the Future?

10am Friday 11th December (children only)
7.32pm Friday 11th December (all welcome)
7.32pm Sat. (all welcome)

Järnvägsgatan 28,216 14 LIMHAMN

A unique and special ecology event with a distinctive New Zealand flavour to coincide with the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.
We will be showing the film Earth Whisperers see and Tony Kearney will be talking about his book Who Owns the Future? see
Plus there will be lots of discussions and other events.
If Copengahen doesn't do it for you, Sweden just might!! :)[1][1].doc

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