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Feeling peckish? Don't fancy cooking something yourself, but rather prefer to pop out and get some fast food?
Well if so, best not go to the local fast food joint because the food they provide there just isn't that fast in all honesty.

Oh sure they may cook it up for your right there and then or maybe it's even already there for you pre-prepared for you and all you have to do is drive in, place your order, pick it up and pay for it and off you go.

Well what can be faster than that you might say?
But that's not fast food, that's fast service.

The food that you got in a jiffy and quite possibly in a jiffy bag which you might be tempted to throw away afterwards isn't itself fast, in fact it is very, very slow. The only fast bit is when they deep fry it or nuke it to warm it up just before they give it to you.

That jiffy bag full of chemical yummies actually in all likelihood took millons of years to get to you and takes longer to produce than if you grew your own!
Impossible you might say.
Well no it isn't actually.

Because that fast food fry up probably contains meat that may have come from somewhere like Argentina where they may have cleared an ancient forest in order to graze the cattle. And in order to feed and water the cattle they need to provide water and much of this water comes from underground ancient aquifers that may have water that is thousands if not millions of years old.

And in order to get the water they need to use water pumps which in turn need oil which is also obtained from underground and it definitely is millions of years old.

And then they have to ship it over to you which means more fossil fuels and air miles to boot.

So next time you're thinking of having a fast food feast think just how long it took your meal to arrive in your jiffy bag.

If you don't like waiting for millions of years for your order to come then why not grow your own, or at least buy something grown locally, as it is quicker, healthier and cheaper.

Tony Kearney

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