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Having been in Copenhagen for some of the COP15 process over the last two weeks and watching like everyone else the - will they, won't they - charade played out by the world's leaders one is forced to ask the question - did the Conference end in abject failure or was it in fact a success?

It is hard to see the Conference as being any kind of success, but then that depends on how we define success and what eyes we use to look at the gathering with.

Yes, of course we all hoped that the world's politicians would all see the greater reality and notice that not only was there an elephant in the room, but there was a stampeding herd of them forcing us all to realise that we are in fact standing on the edge of a cliff with nowhere to go as the herd approaches.


Success is defined as being able to see the reality of one's situation clearer than one saw it before. For if one sees the truth more clearly then one is better equipped to take meaningful and positive action in order to improve things for the better.

So ......

What we now know is that if we wait for the world's politicians to take meaningful, equitable, sustainable and bigger picture action in order to secure a better future, the elephants will be upon us long before the politicians will be.

This is in fact a good thing.
Whilst we wait for "others" to act first we all miss our own window of opportunity to be the change we want to see happen in the world.
For in truth what can a few hundred politicians really do in the real world that 6,500,000,000 can't do by all making one small change each day towards seeing the world becoming a fairer and safer place for all?

The Genie is in fact out of the bottle and to the surprise of some if not many, the name of the Genie on the bottle is not in fact that of Barrack Obama.

However, if you look closely again at the name on the bottle it might just be yours!

The charade of Copenhagen is over and the truth has been revealed.
The power moves back to the people and there is something so right about that fact.
Remember how the Governments of the world were shamed by their people’s overwhelming response to the needs of the Asian Tsunami?

We therefore have a precedent for what is needed and for what works.

You might not be the President but you can for sure be the Precedent! :)

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