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1) How do I register for the site?
Access is currently invitation only so please invite people you think would be interested.

2) Is there any fee for using this site?
No, the site is completely free.

3) How can I find information on the site?
The site has a wealth of information and you're encouraged to look through older postings as there is only a limited amount of information that can fit on the main page (which changes almost daily). In particular you can find scholarship opportunities, learn about research projects, conferences and more by looking around the site. The best way to find information (apart from just clicking through to links) is through a keyword using the Search Box in the upper right hand corner of any page. For example try searching by words such as scholarship, fellowship, a particular country, or multiple keywords. In addition, you can find see information by clicking on the various sub-headings such as Members, Forums, etc (and clicking on topics within pages). Also on some pages on the site (such as on the forums) you will see tags (keywords of frequent postings) where you can click and see all of the associated postings.

4) How do I create/edit a profile?

To adjust your profile click on My Settings and then About ME in the upper right hand corner of each page. A few of the profile questions are required to provide basic information about members. The more information you provide about your work/studies related to the field, the easier it will be to connect with other members, thus you're encouraged to complete the optional questions.

5) Will I receive e-mails if I join the site?
As a member of the site you're in control of your account settings. Click on My Settings and then on E-mail. You can then choose receive no e-mails or establish customized settings (such as receiving e-mail notices when someone sends you a message. Note at he bottom of each forum or discussion posting you will see a place to click on Follow (Email me when people reply). Click here and you will receive an email letting you know when there is a new posting. At anytime you can return to the page and click on Stop Following (Don't email when people reply).

6) How can I create/contribute to a blog/discussion?

To contribute to a discussion click on Forum and pick a topic that interests you. You can create your own topic by clicking on start a discussion or respond to any of the postings by clicking on reply to this. To start your own blog go to My Page and click on Add a New Blog Post. Please note that postings on the site should focus on general topics of the site (conflict resolution, development, human rights, gender, etc.). Postings that are inappropriate or of a commercial nature will be deleted and a user may be banned from the network. While you're encouraged to post information on your work, this site is not for fundraising requests (as the site would be deluged). Therefore please do not post individual requests for funding (see other sites that may be helpful in this regard such as Global Giving or Charity Channel .

7) What happens if I see an inappropriate posting on the site and/or I am receiving inappropriate messages from a member?
This is a site to encourage open interaction between members. However if a member posts offensive and/or inappropriate material (including personal job solicitations) the member may be banned. Also while, this is network is designed to promote open interaction, please do not place blind generic postings/comments across multiple user profiles or send unsolicited spam to members. If anyone does violate this policy you may be banned from the network. You can also block communication from individual users if you so choose. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions/concerns about something on the site.

8) User Agreement

This site is provided as a public service. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that information uploaded to the site does not violate any copyright laws. By registering for the site you agree to use it at your own risk and in no way is the site manager responsible for the content posted on the site. In addition, you're strongly encouraged to double check on any information posted on the site to ensure it is valid and from a legitimate source. If you see a posting that seems dubious or fraudulent in nature please use caution in responding and also contact the site manager so it can be removed.

9) Can I post individual job or funding requests on the site?
Individuals are not allowed to post their individual requests related to their job or funding searches on the site. Anyone posting such requests may be banned. There are many resources related to jobs and funding on the site, but if we allowed such individual requests the site would be deluged. There is discussion section where users can talk about strategies for career searching. In addition see the career resources section (including guides to jobs, internships and academic jobs) with links to relevant websites and publications.

10) What is a Tag?

A tag is a one or two keyword description that you are encouraged to add to any postings you make on the site (pictures, blogs, forums, etc.). Tags are a simple and easy way to make searching easier by keyword. You can also click on any tagged items and view other postings with similar keywords. If you would like to make a tag longer than one word, please put it in quotes. For example the tag "conflict resolution" should be in quotes.

11) Can I have my blog show up on other websites?

Yes. Click on the bottom of your blog on RSS and you can then add it to other websites. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication a simple way of providing news feeds from websites.

12a) What is a Group?

The group feature allows users to setup subgroups around themes of interest. A group can be set as an open network (meaning anyone can join) or private (only invited members can join). If you would like to setup a group you can now do this directly by clicking on groups. Note only groups that fit with the themes of the site will be allowed and all groups needs to be approved be the site administrator. If a group is created and does not have significant activity then it may be deleted to prevent inactive groups from occupying space on the network. We would encourage you to keep using the features on the main site for most discussions. Groups are really for specialized discussions of conflict areas, subgroup pages for organizations or academic programs, etc.

12b) What is Chat and Instant Messaging?

We recently added a Chat Feature where you can connect directly with colleagues online. To engage in chat/instant message, click on the chat link in the top menubar and make sure you click online if you want to connect with others (you can change your chat setting at anytime by clicking on offline). There are two types of chat/messaging. First, you can click on chat and engage in a general discussion with other users who are online. Note, the chat is usually visible to other colleagues and you're urged to use respectful dialogue. Anyone posting offensive or inappropriate comments may have their account canceled. Second, if a user's profile is currently live on chat, you can click on the user's name and you will see a place to click on instant message and directly instant message with the selected user.

13) How do I post an event?

We have recently added an events calendar to the site. To post an event click on events and fill out the necessary information. Once the event is created it will be visible on the site and it is possible to directly invite friends on the network. Events can be setup as private (only invited people can view the activity or public viewable by all). You can also choose to setup an RVSP function enabling people to respond directly via the site. It is also possible to close an event once it is full, change the settings at anytime by clicking on edit. Note, the system currently requires you to upload a picture (logo, image) when posting an event (using a jpeg file is best).

14) How can I help the site grow? There are several things members can do to help the site grow which include:
Invite Your Colleagues to Join- You can invite your colleagues directly from the site by clicking on the Invite Page. Note you can also import your e-mail contact books directly from yahoo, Google, or your e-mail program such as Outlook, by clicking on invite and look towards the bottom of the page to click on webmail or Outlook importing.
Provide Suggestions for how to Improve the Site (new ideas, materials, etc.).
Add a 7th Generation Badge to other Sites: Click here to get more information.
Create a Link on Other Websites - You are encouraged to add this page to recommended links on other sites.

The network fosters interaction between individuals and organizations around the world. The site is a terrific networking tool where you can find local and international partners and practitioners, share resources (including scholarships in the field), guides to careers, internships, funding, and IT resources in the field, and exchange best practices. Discussion topics and personal blogs can be posted. The site also has a video section where members can access and view videos related to the field.

Becoming a member is fast, easy and free. Please, take a minute to visit and explore the network.

15) What happens if I forget my password?

Go to the sign in page and click the "Forgot Password?" link.

16) Caution on Privacy and How can I manage privacy settings for my Postings?

You can adjust your privacy settings at anytime by logging in and clicking My Settings and Privacy. You have the option of allowing everyone to see your postings (blogs, pictures, videos), or only your friends, or only yourself. You can also choose settings for each individual post you make. For example if you want your postings to be viewable by only your friends, choose that setting, but you can choose to set specific posting open to be viewable by the whole network. You can also control what type of e-mail updates you would like to receive (there is an option to receive no e-mails). Please note that the network is an open network meaning outsiders can currently view the comments you make on your wall and others make on your profile. Thus, it is strongly recommended not to provide very personal information on the comment walls (nor your personal contact information). If you want to provide a personal message to a member, click on his/her profile and click send a message which will only go to the individual.You can delete any comments on your wall by clicking on the X to remove the post.

17) Can I share Information I see on the Network with Others?

Yes. Towards the middle/bottom of each page (on the left side) is a share link. If you would like to forward information from a specific page to a colleague click on share and enter an e-mail address (or you can import one) and a short message. You're also encouraged to invite your colleagues to join the network by clicking on invite.

18) How do I remove myself from the network?

Login and click on My Settings. At the bottom of the page you will see a link entitled Leave Peace and Collaborative Development Network. Click on the link and your account and all the material you have posted will be removed.

19) Can I post fundraising requests on the site for my organization?

Unfortunately no. This site is for discussion and networking, sharing of resources. If individuals start posting requests for funding, the site would like be deluged by such requests. You're welcome to discuss fundraising strategies but not individual appeals. Users who post funding requests may be banned from the site. The site does welcome any posting of scholarship and funding opportunities that may be of interest to members.

20) Why is there some advertising on the site?

This is a free site, but there are some costs. The site has limited ads from relevant organizations and companies to help covers expenses. Please feel free to explore services provided by advertisers if you find them of interest by clicking on the appropriate ad. Note the ads are provided automatically by Google. We try to ensure the ads are consistent with the site values, but if you see an inappropriate ad, please let us know.

20) Please share your success stories.

For example if you made a new contact, learnt a skill, took part in an action etc. it would be wonderful if you could share a brief summary of the experience. This will greatly aid in trying to track the "impact" of this site.You can contribute your feedback in the Forum Section.

Thanks again for supporting the network.

Zand Craig
7th Generation Project Coordinator

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