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OK so next week COP15 kicks off in Copenhagen and although Barack Obama is now attending the signs are that no binding agreements are going to be reached about lowering emissions. I hope I am wrong but the signs aren't looking great at the moment. So will it be another bout of rhetoric, protectionism, silo mentalities, reality denials and posturing?

Well maybe, because I am going for some of it so look out for me there! :)

And with some recent news about alleged suppression of evidence that may contradict the climate change argument that it is human caused, will there be a refuelling (pardon the pun) of the denial versus consensus argument about the causes and realities of climate change?

Well in one sense does that really matter, or more importantly is it actually the place to start?

For nobody seems to be thinking about exploring the nature of our relationship with the Planet and the moral, philosophical and possible spiritual considerations that are just as, if not more important, than winning the argument over the causes or not of climate change.

For even if human activity isn't causing climate change to any significant degree, is it moral for us to continue to behave in such an irresponsible, arrogant, assumptive and dangerous way by treating the Earth, our host as a commodity?

Even if compelling and irrefutable evidence is produced to show conclusively that human activity isn't causing climate change does that somehow excuse the continuing rape, pillage and plunder of the Earth's resources and the erosion not only of the soils of the Earth but those of the future?

That's a bit like saying that slavery is OK because it doesn't cause climate change.

We need to change not what we DO as a first principle but what and how we think.

Because if we are going to talk quotas at COP15 there is only one statistic to remember and that is that there is only one Planet that we all share and there is no plan B.

We need to change our perception about our relationship with the Planet before we try and change our actions.
For we don't live ON the Planet, we live IN it for the Earth's atmosphere is an essential part of its living existence without which we are all a goner.

So will our relationship with the Earth change from being parasitic to symbiotic?

Our futures are inextricably linked.

Quotas won't win the argument.
But reverence, humility, awe and wonder might.

So maybe pause for a moment and give thanks for your next breath before you speak at the Conference everyone, and realise there is something sacred we all share where both the future and the present are concerned.

Tony Kearney

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Comment by Conor Scullion on December 14, 2009 at 9:09
I think you are dead right on this Tony.
It seems like if the potentially new agreements on our emissions are implemented within the usual framework of political posturing etc, then people may miss a real opportunity to rethink the way they treat the planet in general.
It's a shame that many people feel like they are parasitic; no more than mites in a rotting door frame. In truth, however, we enrich the Earth in a way no other creature can. If we can learn how to do that without pumping crap into the sky, sea and ground then maybe we can feel better about our contribution to the pale blue dot.

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