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Sometimes when I fully open myself to the scale of problems we are collectively facing I find myself overwhelmed with where and how to begin to play my role in addressing them.

The metaphorical mountain looms so large it seems insurmountable. And then I hear my own words - " 'I' must 'address' these problems"...I must DO something.

But no mountain climber climbs mountains alone. Any accent is built on a web of relationships - from map makers to co-climbers. The harder the climb the stronger those bond must be, built deeply off the knowledge 'I won't make it unless you make it'. Relationships like that call us to take time to BE together, rather than to just DO together. To give and receive gifts - of time, of nourishment, of hopes, of space to be.

Yesterday, the 18th of July, hundreds of millions of people across world sat down to be together and break bread. Here's a map of over 300,000 who intentionally sat down to be together and share food both as family, friends, neighbours, and communities across the UK & Ireland as a wider acknowlegement of our local and global interdependence. Cheers!

Thanks to all those who took part in the Big Lunch & Street Feast.

Maybe we could take it international next year??

Street Feast & The Big Lunch, 18th July 2010

For more info on both, check out:

It is when I look to my right and look to my left and see you that I find my hope, and take my next step into the world.

You are all so welcome to Small Dinners each month here in Belfast. A time to BE. A time to share food, conversation and time. A time to give and recieve. If your interested in coming along hear in Belfast give Erik Nilsson a shout:

Or if, as many of you are, you are outside of N. Ireland you could think about host a dinner where you are.


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