The 7th Generation Project

"In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations"
Great Law Of The Iroquois

Our vision is to create a sustainable ecology of community that is built upon interdependence, diversity, transformation, equity, and self-responsibility.

Seeds of the project
Conflict is an inherent part of everyday life. It isn't difficult to look toward any media source and you will hear of conflict, from climate change to wars, quarrelling neighbours to personal depression. It spans every page and every channel, 24 hrs. a day. It is no doubt a constant affront to our collective spirit. However the hope in us protests. Questions nag for understanding, resolution. How do we approach dealing with so many issues of conflict without becoming, overwhelmed, paralysed, or worse yet apathetic? Our own history is woven through this reality.

What way of living, with the world and each other, contributes to this powerful pattern? What are the tools and skills that we need to build within us to be able to “be the change we want to see”. We as a collective human presence need to take on the leadership responsibilities that have befallen our generation. We are the generation that cannot escape the “inconvenient truth” that we cannot simply go on destroying the ecology of the planet that gives us life.

So what is the Seventh Generation Project?
The ‘Official’ Lingo Version:

The Seventh Generation Project is a not-for-profit social capacity and networking project that seeks to create an ecology of community through engagement of the interwoven layers of human, earth and economic sustainability.

The ‘Y’what?! Give that to me in English please!’ Version
The Seventh Generation Project is seeking to provide you with the time and space to be able to develop your knowledge, learn skills, have experiences and build both personal and professional relationships that enable you to make your own choices as to how to live on the earth in a way that sustains all life and so yourself.

7th Generation Model

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