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Think BiG - Believe in Green!

Hello fellow 7Genners. I wanted to let you know about a little charity challenge I have been involving myself in the past few days. It is called BiG. Which stands for Believe in Green. Here's the website where you can watch a wee intro video that might motivate you to get involved (if I don't first!) and then watch this too, I promise it will inspire you to…


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The Big Lunch Challenge 2010!

Hey wonderful people!

As winter rolls into spring and life up here in the Northern hemisphere shudders off the last frost to bud into life, I want to extend a warm invitation to each of you across the world to sit down and share lunch with me and each other on the 18th of July this year - and not just any old lunch, but the Big Lunch! …


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How Much Does Water Cost?

One of the things that gives a false impression about the true costs of things is that often the price of natural resources is not included in the bottom line. As an example, the use of water in producing a beef burger. Water is regarded as a free resource, which is just as well because it takes over 1000 litres of water to produce one beef burger by the time it has gone through the food chain. Imagine if you had to pay £1 for every litre of water within the food chain according to how much… Continue

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Hey All!

I am a member of the UK Youth Climate Coalition (UKYCC). This December, UKYCC are sending a team of 23 delegates to the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, as the UK Youth Delegation. Myself and another member of the delegation, Adam Tyler, are creating a series of short documentary films about this Delegation, to be distributed to young people on the internet before, during and after the Copenhagen Conference.

The first film, entitled UKYCC Prologue -… Continue

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Call to Action: UK Youth Climate Climate Coalition NEEDS YOU!

UK Youth Climate Climate Coalition NEEDS YOU!

This December, the world’s leaders will come together to discuss a global climate treaty. For young people, the decisions made in Copenhagen will be life-changing. Governments and diplomats will determine what kind of world they will inherit - clean or polluted; just or unjust; secure or dangerously unstable. The UK Youth Climate Coalition are sending 25 youth delegates to the… Continue

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Trick or Treat Climate Protest

Hey everyone! Read this recent press release from Friends of the Earth Belfast. They made quite the creative scene showing even monsters need a healthy planet to live on. If we don't make some serious changes, FAST, it won't just be witches screaming, 'I'm meeeeelting!!'

Do your part too, no matter what part of the world you live in, sign Friends of the Earth's INTERNATIONAL PETITION to encourage our world representatives to follow through on their word. Use your voice. Hold… Continue

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Consumer Conscience & Eco-Ethical Fashion

Read below a recent posting off the Andean Collection Blog. The Andean Collection is a socially responsible, fashion forward, eco-friendly and fair trade collection of jewelry. I give my personal endorsement as I have purchased and LOVE the yellow multiple strand Acai necklace. People compliment me on it all the time, which gives a great opportunity to spread the even deeper message and ethic behind the jewlery itself and the community ties it has built and sustains. As I just… Continue

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Communty Guide: FAQ

1) How do I register for the site?

Access is currently invitation only so please invite people you think would be interested.

2) Is there any fee for using this site?

No, the site is completely free.

3) How can I find information on the site?

The site has a wealth of information and you're encouraged to look through older postings as there is only a limited amount of information that can fit on the main page (which changes almost daily).… Continue

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