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Are We Missing the Point Here?

OK so next week COP15 kicks off in Copenhagen and although Barack Obama is now attending the signs are that no binding agreements are going to be reached about lowering emissions. I hope I am wrong but the signs aren't looking great at the moment. So will it be another bout of rhetoric, protectionism, silo mentalities, reality denials and posturing?

Well maybe, because I am going for some of it so look out for me there! :)

See:… Continue

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UK Plays Ostrich

In the last few weeks the UK Government has announced that it has given the green light for 10 more nuclear stations to be built to help cover energy supply over the next 30 to 50 years and help lower its CO2 emissions. Or so they say.

Well done team, you have once again shown impeccable leadership where denial of the realities is concerned.

Firstly, the building nuclear power stations doesn't lower CO2 emissions because if one looks at the the amount of CO2 emissions… Continue

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Council on Foreign Relations: Countdown to Copenhagen Symposium

See link for: Video, audio, and related articles

November 10, 2009

Conference Panel Session: U.S. Options for Copenhagen

Frank E. Loy, chairman of the Board of Population Services International; Michael A. Levi, director of the Program on Energy Security and… Continue

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Fast Food Ain't that Fast!

Feeling peckish? Don't fancy cooking something yourself, but rather prefer to pop out and get some fast food?

Well if so, best not go to the local fast food joint because the food they provide there just isn't that fast in all honesty.

Oh sure they may cook it up for your right there and then or maybe it's even already there for you pre-prepared for you and all you have to do is drive in, place your order, pick it up and pay for it and off you go.

Well what can be… Continue

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Hey All!

I am a member of the UK Youth Climate Coalition (UKYCC). This December, UKYCC are sending a team of 23 delegates to the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, as the UK Youth Delegation. Myself and another member of the delegation, Adam Tyler, are creating a series of short documentary films about this Delegation, to be distributed to young people on the internet before, during and after the Copenhagen Conference.

The first film, entitled UKYCC Prologue -… Continue

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How Much Does Water Cost?

One of the things that gives a false impression about the true costs of things is that often the price of natural resources is not included in the bottom line. As an example, the use of water in producing a beef burger. Water is regarded as a free resource, which is just as well because it takes over 1000 litres of water to produce one beef burger by the time it has gone through the food chain. Imagine if you had to pay £1 for every litre of water within the food chain according to how much… Continue

Added by Tony Kearney on November 8, 2009 at 9:07 — 2 Comments

Call to Action: UK Youth Climate Climate Coalition NEEDS YOU!

UK Youth Climate Climate Coalition NEEDS YOU!

This December, the world’s leaders will come together to discuss a global climate treaty. For young people, the decisions made in Copenhagen will be life-changing. Governments and diplomats will determine what kind of world they will inherit - clean or polluted; just or unjust; secure or dangerously unstable. The UK Youth Climate Coalition are sending 25 youth delegates to the… Continue

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Trick or Treat Climate Protest

Hey everyone! Read this recent press release from Friends of the Earth Belfast. They made quite the creative scene showing even monsters need a healthy planet to live on. If we don't make some serious changes, FAST, it won't just be witches screaming, 'I'm meeeeelting!!'

Do your part too, no matter what part of the world you live in, sign Friends of the Earth's INTERNATIONAL PETITION to encourage our world representatives to follow through on their word. Use your voice. Hold… Continue

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'Great expectations' By Chris Cook - for an energy based reserve global currency

'Great expectations' By Chris Cook - for an energy based reserve global currency

Really interesting idea to use energy as the value measure for a global reserve currency to replace the dollar.

Check it out.

"My first reaction on reading of President Barack Obama's Nobel Peace prize, after just nine months in office, was perplexity, as was my second and third. But perhaps the prize was awarded not in recognition for what the US president has done, but what the… Continue

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Consumer Conscience & Eco-Ethical Fashion

Read below a recent posting off the Andean Collection Blog. The Andean Collection is a socially responsible, fashion forward, eco-friendly and fair trade collection of jewelry. I give my personal endorsement as I have purchased and LOVE the yellow multiple strand Acai necklace. People compliment me on it all the time, which gives a great opportunity to spread the even deeper message and ethic behind the jewlery itself and the community ties it has built and sustains. As I just… Continue

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Hey 7th gen members,

I'm setting up my own social network on so people can find out about upcoming gigs from whatever projects I'm involved in..
Come and join the network at



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Still time to Join or Start 1 of over 2000 International Flash Mobs for a Global Climate Wake-Up Call

I want to encourage all 7th Generation Project Members to Join or Start a flash mob in their area on Monday 21st of September as part of Global Climate Wake-Up Call. International members take note, you can actually participate in this event =)

A week ago an email dropped into my inbox from, it read, 'we want to organise a global climate wake-up for international leaders across the world to commit to binding… Continue

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Spunout article

Just posting an article I wrote for !

Also, check out the work of my fellow youth journalists @
The whole project was great! It really gave us the tools to help make politics and our political climate relevent to young or first time voters!


Added by Katie Bridget Murphy on August 24, 2009 at 4:30 — 1 Comment

'Platform for Change' - A new poltics in Northern Ireland

I received this letter from Robin Wilson (Members Profile)

Please take a look and see if you wish to get involved.


Zand Craig

7th Generation Project Coordination Team

Platform for Change

#44, South Studios

Tates Avenue

Belfast BT9 7BS

August 2009

Dear Friend

We are writing to invite you to join us… Continue

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You Cannot be Serious FSA!!

So the British Foods Standards Agency (FSA) has deigned down upon us all their view that organic food has no health benefits over "ordinary" food. Funny how food that is produced by using chemicals and pesticides is now regarded as being "ordinary" food don't you think?

It's not natural, but thankfully and to much relief all round, the FSA has decreed it to be "ordinary". Phew!

It is even more funny (peculiar, not ha ha) that when you think about it that we are therefore the… Continue

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Beyond Teflon!

Following on from my last blog about NASA crashing a probe into the Moon, since the recent

return of the Space Shuttle one of the greatest space secrets of all time can now be

revealed. It could be as big as the mystery of the Holy Grail, the riddle of the Sphinx and

what really happened to Sheargar combined!

Now over time NASA has sought to justify the horrendous expenditure they have incurred by

claiming that numerous amazing inventions… Continue

Added by Tony Kearney on August 5, 2009 at 7:36 — 1 Comment

Is Organic Food More Expensive?

Classic reasoning suggests that organic food is more expensive to produce and buy than so called main stream food. But is it?

If you look at the strict production costs then yes, on average, organic food costs about 10 -15% more to produce.

But, that is not the whole story because you have to consider the side effects as well.

For did you know that the average Irish person consumes 7 kg of preservatives and additives each year? In fact it now takes human beings longer… Continue

Added by Tony Kearney on July 30, 2009 at 0:49 — 1 Comment

Exciting architectural approach to environmental improvement

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Space the Final Frontier

Apparently NASA in its infinite wisdom is about to deliberately crash land a rocket into the Moon to try and create a crater so they can find out more about the Moon.

What a great way to spend countless millions of dollars!

Never mind the other billions upon billions that have also been spent on numerous other programmes over the years.

However don't get me wrong, I do believe that we need to continue with a space exploration programme into the future, but perhaps one… Continue

Added by Tony Kearney on July 28, 2009 at 15:57 — 1 Comment

Crisis Guide: The Global Economy (Council on Foreign Relations)

Excellent comprehensive and interactive "crisis guide" exploring the Global Economy and the recent events. This explores how it came about as well as implications for business moving forward. A compilation of past articles, time lines, interviews, videos etc.

There are also other such "Crisis Guides" on Darfur, Israeli/Palestinian Conflict, and Climate Change.

CFR is a non partisan American… Continue

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