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October 2009 Blog Posts (3)

Trick or Treat Climate Protest

Hey everyone! Read this recent press release from Friends of the Earth Belfast. They made quite the creative scene showing even monsters need a healthy planet to live on. If we don't make some serious changes, FAST, it won't just be witches screaming, 'I'm meeeeelting!!'

Do your part too, no matter what part of the world you live in, sign Friends of the Earth's INTERNATIONAL PETITION to encourage our world representatives to follow through on their word. Use your voice. Hold… Continue

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'Great expectations' By Chris Cook - for an energy based reserve global currency

'Great expectations' By Chris Cook - for an energy based reserve global currency

Really interesting idea to use energy as the value measure for a global reserve currency to replace the dollar.

Check it out.

"My first reaction on reading of President Barack Obama's Nobel Peace prize, after just nine months in office, was perplexity, as was my second and third. But perhaps the prize was awarded not in recognition for what the US president has done, but what the… Continue

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Consumer Conscience & Eco-Ethical Fashion

Read below a recent posting off the Andean Collection Blog. The Andean Collection is a socially responsible, fashion forward, eco-friendly and fair trade collection of jewelry. I give my personal endorsement as I have purchased and LOVE the yellow multiple strand Acai necklace. People compliment me on it all the time, which gives a great opportunity to spread the even deeper message and ethic behind the jewlery itself and the community ties it has built and sustains. As I just… Continue

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