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Spunout article

Just posting an article I wrote for !

Also, check out the work of my fellow youth journalists @
The whole project was great! It really gave us the tools to help make politics and our political climate relevent to young or first time voters!


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'Platform for Change' - A new poltics in Northern Ireland

I received this letter from Robin Wilson (Members Profile)

Please take a look and see if you wish to get involved.


Zand Craig

7th Generation Project Coordination Team

Platform for Change

#44, South Studios

Tates Avenue

Belfast BT9 7BS

August 2009

Dear Friend

We are writing to invite you to join us… Continue

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You Cannot be Serious FSA!!

So the British Foods Standards Agency (FSA) has deigned down upon us all their view that organic food has no health benefits over "ordinary" food. Funny how food that is produced by using chemicals and pesticides is now regarded as being "ordinary" food don't you think?

It's not natural, but thankfully and to much relief all round, the FSA has decreed it to be "ordinary". Phew!

It is even more funny (peculiar, not ha ha) that when you think about it that we are therefore the… Continue

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Beyond Teflon!

Following on from my last blog about NASA crashing a probe into the Moon, since the recent

return of the Space Shuttle one of the greatest space secrets of all time can now be

revealed. It could be as big as the mystery of the Holy Grail, the riddle of the Sphinx and

what really happened to Sheargar combined!

Now over time NASA has sought to justify the horrendous expenditure they have incurred by

claiming that numerous amazing inventions… Continue

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