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April 2009 Blog Posts (3)

Tipping Point Art Commission

The TippingPoint Commissions: an invitation to submit a proposal

The TippingPoint Commissions are a new initiative for professional artists who wish to create new performance work in the context of climate change.

The theme of climate change is intended to provide a stimulus and a springboard for the commissions. Artists are invited to submit projects that stimulate audiences towards the radical and imaginative thinking necessary to comprehend a world dominated by… Continue

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President Obama's Earth Day Proclamation

In recognition of Earth Day, President Obama signed a Presidential Proclamation yesterday affirming the importance of protecting our environment and addressing the threat of global warming. But he noted that these challenges also provide opportunity for great innovation and adaptation, and the creation of new jobs and new industries. "History has shown that as we sow, so too shall we reap," the President stated. "Let us rededicate ourselves to a world that provides bountiful harvests for us all… Continue

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Ice Bridge Ruptures in Antarctic

How is that for a scary title?? That is the headline for the BBC news article reporting on yet another breaking of an 'island sized' piece of ice down South. What implications does this hold for projections made on the speed and impact of Climate Change and Global Warming?

Zoiks! We are like unassuming frogs in a warm pot about to boil. Frog legs anyone? Or are there things we can do in our personal lives to start making the changes we know will make a difference, right now? To read… Continue

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