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Drumlin Wind Co-op: Own part of an NI renewable energy project: 10% Annual Return: Closing date 21st Sept

Invest in the Future...

Drumlin Wind Energy Co-operative is enabling local people to become part owners and members of Northern Ireland’s first community wind energy co-operative – offering a predicted annual average return of 10.3% (including tax relief) over a 20 year investment period.  You can invest from £250 to £20,000 in…


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Juicy fruit tree's

Firstly, hello and thanks for having me, I'm really glad I stumbled across this site, I didnt know that any of this stuff was going on in Belfast, Great to see!! Lookingforward to getting to know some of you beautiful people!


I spotted this ad thismorning and though it looked pretty good, watch out though there's an aditional 8pound postal charger though! 30 pound for 5 fruit trees. :)



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Need Training for How to Best Advise Migrant Workers?

The Law Centre (NI) in partnership with the Centre for Global Education will be providing FREE training on issues affecting migrant people in April…


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'A vision for sustainable restaurants'

Go to TED Ideas worth spreading on line and look at Arthur Potts Dawson's talk. Its great to see this being worked on and trying to be figured out.

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check out ' Make It Right Foundation' and sustainable-building visionary William McDonough.

There is a Project in the lower 9th district of New Orleans. Post Hurricane Katrina, according to the Green Building Council, its the " most high-performing clean neighbourhood in the world"

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A Little Bit of Activism One Product at a Time...

I have been storing a little list at home, noting products or retailers that are annoying me. And it doesn't take much. By annoying, I mean in the environmental/social responsibility sense. Double packaging, just plain stupid packaging, disgusting ingredients, you name it, retailers are awesome at these things!! So when I find a silly thing happening with something in my local supermarket, for example, I let the shop know. So far in the last year I have phoned Tesco about their HUGE vitamin… Continue

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Northern Ireland's Stustainable Development Plan Public Consultation

The NI Executive has now published its own SD strategy with an attendant implementation plan, the latter of which is in its public consultation phase. The Implementation Plan consists of a set of commitments by all government departments - and by some non-government bodies - which are intended to contribute to the delivery of a set of objectives, already agreed by the Executive and contained in the… Continue

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Think BiG - Believe in Green!

Hello fellow 7Genners. I wanted to let you know about a little charity challenge I have been involving myself in the past few days. It is called BiG. Which stands for Believe in Green. Here's the website where you can watch a wee intro video that might motivate you to get involved (if I don't first!) and then watch this too, I promise it will inspire you to…


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A Very Big Lunch & Street Feast

Sometimes when I fully open myself to the scale of problems we are collectively facing I find myself overwhelmed with where and how to begin to play my role in addressing them.

The metaphorical mountain looms so large it seems insurmountable. And then I hear my own words - " 'I' must 'address' these problems"...I must DO something.

But no mountain climber climbs mountains alone. Any accent is built on a web of relationships - from map makers to co-climbers. The harder the… Continue

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The Big Lunch Challenge 2010!

Hey wonderful people!

As winter rolls into spring and life up here in the Northern hemisphere shudders off the last frost to bud into life, I want to extend a warm invitation to each of you across the world to sit down and share lunch with me and each other on the 18th of July this year - and not just any old lunch, but the Big Lunch! …


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Sacred Economics

What does sustainable economics mean and might it have anything to do with 'sacred economics'? Read this recent article posted by Charles Eisenstein on Reality Sandwich and engage in the discussion. I would love to hear what 7th Generation members have to think!

As a brief, he talks about our association with money as profane and calls for ' A transformation from…

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Sign a Petition - Cancel Haiti's Debt

Despite the earthquake, Haiti owes crushing payments for "dictator debt" run up years ago. Over 1 billion dollars in fact. How can this already impoverished country face rebuilding their homes and institutions, healing their physical and psychological wounds, whilst being held hostage to an ever rising, gargantuan debt? Sign the petition to cancel Haiti's debt and help create a level ground from which the people of Haiti can rebuild for their future. and partners will deliver… Continue

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The 7th Generation Project 2009 Annual Review

‘In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations.’ This Law of the Iroquois inspires the name of ‘the 7th Generation Project’, a social enterprise and networking project. 7th Generation seeks to address the question of long term social, environmental and economic sustainability through the development and implementation of the 5 core areas of its model – Awareness, Capacity, Action, Leadership, and Community.

This year held many… Continue

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The New Energy Order: Managing Insecurities in the Twenty-first Century


Growing demand for energy in developing countries and calls for greener energy worldwide are putting unprecedented pressure on the global energy system. Existing energy institutions are struggling to remain relevant. A new mechanism for cooperation is needed.

DAVID G. VICTOR is a Professor at the School of International Relations and Pacific Studies at the University of California, San Diego, where he directs the Laboratory on International Law and Regulation.… Continue

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Voice of Haiti - donate for earthquake relief

Vwa Ayiti (Voice of Haiti) was flagged up to me by a good friend in the States; a good friend of his has been volunteering with this organisation for years.

Voice of Haiti's completely volunteer-run, so donations aren't soaked into covering costs but are converted straight to aid. All donations they receive now will be funneled directly to medical care for earthquake victims; their on-going projects include medical outreach, sanitation & water purification - all with an emphasis… Continue

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Northern Ireland Sustainability Seminar Series - 26th January – 9th March 2010

Northern Ireland Sustainability Seminar Series


26th January – 9th March 2010

These seminars are FREE to attend however to register please contact the SRC Sustainability and Environment Project Team: Carmel Mee or John Russell

Business Support Unit, Newry West Campus, Patrick Street, Newry

Tel : 028 3025 9706

Fax: 028 3025 9676

Email: or… Continue

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Where is the Rest of the Universe?

As you may or may not know 96% of the Universe is "missing". Please kindly check your cupboards to see if you are unwittingly hiding some of it. Thank you!

OK so scientists can't explain why the Universe is expanding at an accelerating rate rather than slowing down as you would expect, so they have come up with the idea of dark matter and dark energy to explain it.

There's no proof of either, but it's a nice idea and helps justify spending billions on Hadron Colliders that might… Continue

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Copenhagen - Success or Failure?

Having been in Copenhagen for some of the COP15 process over the last two weeks and watching like everyone else the - will they, won't they - charade played out by the world's leaders one is forced to ask the question - did the Conference end in abject failure or was it in fact a success?

It is hard to see the Conference as being any kind of success, but then that depends on how we define success and what eyes we use to look at the gathering with.

Yes, of course we all… Continue

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Quick Guide to COP15 - The UN Climate Change talks in Copenhagen

Primer [1] [2]

Point of Clarification: The COP in COP15 doesn’t stand for Copenhagen. It stands for Conference of the Parties, and it’s the 15th such event, i.e. COP8 took place in Kyoto, Japan, in 1992.

Who’s involved? [3] Representatives from 192 countries that have ratified the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (1992) grouped into three categories, as follows…

> Annex 1 Countries: Industrialized nations, e.g.… Continue

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The commons as a strategic perspective for social movements


SEE ALSO - Everything Open and Free -

The power of social movements lies in their heterogeneity. Because of it, they achieve… Continue

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