The 7th Generation Project

there are a lot of people that give us advices of what to do o or not when it comes to the ways people should or not teach, educate, form, etc... but, what are the elements that we need to improve or know, so we have a better understanding of a global way of living, how do we connect to the world besides technology, besides economy or material dependencies, how do we educate ourselves to be part of everything, our home, school, street, neighborhood, town, country, culture, how do we know what to teach or share?


Mother nature is dying, society is sick, politicians are desperate for power, money and fame, the sun and the moon are not gods anymore, so many things to say, to talk about, so many things to do, to find... to many words that we need to hear, to say, to write... to feel.


I have a question for all of you my friends, how do we do teach us? share with me your ideas and concepts about education. "Education" "Integral Education" "Popular Education" "Formal Education" "Green Education" "Sex Education" and so on... we are crazy... "Crazy education"

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