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Hi Guys,


I was interested in your opinions on the occupy movement. I have conflicting views and would like to explore them.


On one hand I'm proud that people are making a stand that has been a long time coming, a stand against the unfair distribution and hoarding of wealth, nonsensical government practices (like the lack of social housing while empty buildings accumulate), corrupt banking practices (like the passing on of debt to the most vulnerable in society due to poor banking practices), and the general building of depression in society being experienced by both young and old.


On the other hand the lack of wealth in the western world is, on the scale of things not as severe of a crisis as the food and water crisis being experienced by 70% of the planet. Part of the reason for the drop in living standards is because of the transfer of wealth to eastern Asia, whose standards of living is rising rapidly and is now over coming food and water shortages, but also aspiring to emulate the standard of living of the West. Also the standard of living that has been enjoyed by the current generation in the western world is completely unsustainable by this planet and thus fighting to defend that is an unrealistic battle against Mother Nature.


I know that the community of people out there who are interested in a sustainable society may find themselves, like myself, inspired and exhilarated by the current discussion that has been generated by the occupy movement about alternative society and the raising of people’s awareness of the ill effectiveness of Capitalism in its current form.


These are the ideas that I have been debating over the past few months, please share yours with me.



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Hi Aoife

I wouldn't trust this movement.

Youtube: why all use fist

Great to stumble upon you folks. 

I'll be handing flayers in City Centre on Sunday to raise people awareness about solutions.

Do you folks have a meetup in here?

Cheers big ears 



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