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I was threatened by a message on my Facebook account from a stranger, two days ago. I'm a journalist from Yemen and have been actively reporting about the current uprising in my country, Yemen.


I know that I just keep on capturing what's for real on the ground and I don't have any kind of affiliation to any political parties in Yemen. I just have the greatest affiliation and adoration to my beloved country, Yemen. Hence, I tell nothing but the truth for the best interest to Yemen. Apparently that disturbs some of the government's supporters to the extent that they make threats.


This is the cases for many journalists and activists in Yemen. Messages, calls and harassments of threats are what many journalists face today in Yemen. They fear for their lives and for their family members' lives.


Lack of freedom of press is a sign of weak state that does its best to hide and cover its flaws. And threats and/or attacks against journalists and activists says that media is a powerful medium to tell the truth about those corrupted segments in societies.  


One young Yemeni activist who has been tirelessly working on raising awareness about the regime's flaws have been threatened many times and yet he keeps on continuing his mission fearlessly. Once he knew about the threats against me, he contacted me to express his sympathy to me and told me that this has been the case for him many times for the last past few moths. "I have received threatening messages myself, and they became ordinary thing in my life. I have received them to my phone few days ago, but guess what! They encourage me to carry on, and nothing is going to stop me from going on our noble mission," he told me. 


I conclude by my reply to him. I replied "I know for sure that the more they threaten, the more we become outspoken. When they act like this, they piss us off! and we are still young and stubborn.. they think we will get tired or scared!! give me a break! "  

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Wow, Afrah, thank you for sharing. It is an immense privilege to hear your reflections. Please know that there are people around the world and in 7th Generation who admire your bravery to use your voice and to share the stories being lived around you so that knowledge becomes power and injustice is brought to light. The more people know about a situation, reported in as unbiased a way as possible, the more they can decide for themselves their position. The more they will move and be moved by the facts and the shades of perception that color them. My question is, how can we help ensure safety for journalists like yourself, living and reporting from areas where they are coming under threat? Is there anything we can do, albeit from far away, to use our voices to support you? In any case, we hear you and hold you and the people of Yemen in our hearts. Keep safe, Ada
Additionally, for some added support, you might like to contact fellow 7th gen member Dimi (friend him), who is a journalist in Israel (also, as we know a contentious area). You might be able to share concerns, advices, etc. Here is a recent article he wrote It is a thought-provoking article and in fact, I encourage all members to read it.

Dear Ada, 


Thank you for the link but it seems it's blocked in my country. I couldn't open the link :(

Thank you so much, Ada, I'm really glad to read your reply. It tells me that the world is still a wonderful place to live in and that there are good people like you. Thanks. 


You can help me by following me and report about my disappearance if something bad happened to me. Plus, I really need positive energy. Please do send me that ^_^ ,, it's really what matters the most for me.  


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