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CALL FOR: Your Ideas & Requests for Skills Training and Events in 2011

Hello wonderful people!


It is time to think about The 7th Generation Project 2011 Calender of events!


We would love your input, ideas, needs and support to help shape the nature and direction of of the spaces and services we offer this year.


So, we would love invite your suggestions and ideas for events on social, environmental and economic sustainability in 3 areas:


Awareness: 'What would you love to learn more about at head level in 2011?'...information, ideas, knowledge...

Prior Example: Sustainable Economics Lecture -


Capacity: 'What practical skills would you love to learn this year?'

Prior Example: Dialogue for Peaceful Change - Conflict Mediation Training -


Action: 'What platforms to empower action would you like to participate in this year?'

Prior Example: 'Pathways to (re)balancing our Sustainability Equation' Open Space Conference -


Heres the process

1. You can offer as many ideas as you like by replying to this message in the following format:

Event Area (as above):

Title of Event:

Brief Description of Event:

Region for Event:

A Contact or Link to enable event organisation to commence (Eg. a Person or a Website):


Closing Date for the 1st round of suggestions will be the 31st January 2011


2. We will gather all suggestions for events and send them out to the 7th Generation community and ask people to offer 'weight' to the ideas that most appeal to them so we can prioritize events according to demand.


3. We will begin organizing!


Cheers & Happy Holidays from Guatemala!

Zand Craig & Ada Ketchie

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Area: Action

Title of Event: Open Space Conference on...(Theme to be created)

Description: The 2009 Pathways Open Space at Corrymeela was a great success and I think that open platforms for dialouge are very important in society. I would love to create an Open Space Conference that is about Visioning Northern Ireland from 2010 to 2020 (and beyond). So much of the dialogue is about NI's past, which has been (and is) very important. However now I personally feel it is important to open platforms to co-create a positive vision for its future and steps for how to get there. It would be great to get as diverse a group of people as possible to attend form all areas of society.

Contact: Well me I guess! but I would like to put together a steering group to help resource and organise such a conference for summer 2011...Volunteers??!


Area: Capacity

Title: Consensus Decision Making Process Training

Description: Decision making and the process by which power is wielded is a crucial factor in building sustainable world. I am looking for processes that allow decisions to be made rapidly while allowing mass participation and respect of interests and positions of those effected. I bumped into the 'Consensus Decision Making Process' during my time as an climate advocate for the British Council and would love to learn how to facilitate its use.



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